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Blossom Jackson - author of Meeting Fancy

Blossom Jackson MA FRSA

‘Meeting Fancy’ is Blossom Jackson’s debut, into the writing of Children’s stories

She says there are two more books in the pipeline that will complete the trilogy on the unforgettable Fancy.

Blossom Jackson’s love of Literature started in her formative school years in Jamaica when she was introduced to the writings of Shakespeare, Dickens, Longfellow, Kipling, Milton, Shelley, Louisa M Alcott, Lord Byron, Chaucer, Keats and many more authors and poets .

Her passionate interest in encouraging mothers to read to their children from an early age so that an interest in reading could be developed by the children them selves, started in earnest when she practiced as a health visitor during the 60’s and 70’s.

She went on to become a part of a team of practicing health visitors with an additional teaching qualification, who inaugurated the teaching of health education, including sex education that could be integrated into the educational program, in the London Borough of Ealing, in primary and secondary schools, during the 70’s. The sex education program for both primary and secondary school children was an implementation of the newly developed BBC series at that time.

In 1972, she was a member of the team of Health Education officers in the London Borough of Camden’s, who published and distributed two curriculum for the teaching of health education in primary and secondary schools.

She taught physiological development including child development in over two decades to student nurses at University College, Royal Free and Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospitals and health visitors, school nurses and social work students at East London and Oxford Brookes University where she was a principal lecturer and a member of the Academic Board. Both these Universities were formerly Polytechnics during her tutelage

Her career path changed direction in 1995 when together with a partner they founded Paublo books, a mail order book company. The company’s name was changed to Multicultural Books in 1999 after her partner left their company in 1998.

Paublo Books published and distributed two resource catalogues that was geared to Pre-school children, key Stages 1-4 of the English National curriculum and young adults. 4000 copies were distributed to schools Libraries, Prisons and other institutions through out the UK.

These books were sourced globally, from international publishers, written by mainly Black and Asian authors covering 40 subject areas, as the raison d’être of the company was to remedy the dearth of books written mainly by black authors, in schools and libraries in the UK.

In 1999 she launched her web site, carrying over 6000 titles and from the thousands of hits, it was clear that this site was primarily used as a resource for schools, libraries and individuals.

In the 1990’s, her company promoted the Saga Prize for literature, working closely with the remarkable Marsha Hunt, actress and author, who instituted this prize that was sponsored by Saga. The annual prize was given to British authors of African descent over a period of 3 years. The first prize was given to Diran Adebayo for his book- Some kind of Black

Her company has won three Community Awards including Community Business of the Year in 1998 and 1999 awarded by the then N W London Enterprise Council.

In 1998 and 1999, Blossom lead a Reading and Writing educational program, she developed entitled ‘Word up’ in three prisons and two Young Offenders institution with the help of a team of acclaimed Black British writers and poets including award winning author Andrea Levy. She also edited two published volumes of poetry entitled ‘Deferred Dreams’ and ‘The Kiss’, written by prisoners who were on her educational program at Cookham Wood and Maidstone prisons in the UK, in 1998. This program was sponsored by the Prison Service and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Her company was the main supplier of books and an advisor on matters relating to the books, for Kwame kwei Armah’s stage play ‘Fix Up’ at the National Theatre in 2005.

She has been a keen supporter of the UK National Reading Trust and its project 'Reading is Fundamental’ since its inauguration.

Blossom was awarded the Windrush Professional Achievement Award in 2003, for innovation and outstanding professional achievement, both statutory and voluntary, in a variety of fields at local and national levels.

She has been a school governor at a high School and is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts as well as being a professional speaker.

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