Meeting Fancy

A new Childrens' book by Blossom Jackson

Meeting Fancy a new childrens book by Blossom JacksonMeeting Fancy is a children’s story simply told, that is set on the beautiful Killiney Beach in Ireland and geared to children aged seven to eleven years old.

The language is user friendly so that children will be able to enjoy the story irrespective of their reading ages, as it can be argued that children who have a lower reading age than that of their chronological age more often than not, loose out on their enjoyment of reading, with lasting adverse consequences.

Children in the upper age range who read this book can discuss aspects, such as children from mixed parentage and the shared care given to children between parents and grandparents nowadays, irrespective of economic scales, even though these topics are gently introduced in the story.

No apology is given for the introduction of the mobile phone which leads to the important twist in the story, because children the world over, are aware of this equipment, even those from poor families.

The plot is intended to transport the reader to Killiney Beech and the very beautiful illustrations captures the story in a remarkable way. It would be difficult therefore, for any one reading the story, not to find the dog, to be endearing.

The suggested work book at the back encourages children to write a different ending to the story, because the reader is intentionally left, wanting to know more about the dog and the complexity of this task will easily mark out the children’s cognitive skills and creative abilities.
The story is based on a real life event and the behaviour of the dog is a combination of the actual dog the family had met on the beach and the author’s pet dog, which she had a child in Jamaica.

The musings of the grandmother as she compared and contrasted Killiney beech with that of an unspoilt rural beach she had visited as a child in Jamaica, could lead to all sorts of discussions on geography and factors that can lead to global warming and pollution.

The illustrations are in the realistic style and in no way looks like the family on which the story is based.

Meeting Fancy back coverI have had time to read the story - I really, REALLY like it!!! The illustrations are spot on and the story has a very nice child like flow. I think that the references to the mixed parentage and the Caribbean are a touch of genius. There are not many books that do this for children and this will make the book particularly relevant for schools and other education institution. I like the ending particularly as it is happy, yet the children could spend time wondering who Fancy befriends next! I also liked the questions at the end as they will spark discussion and give adults guidance on how to discuss the book with children. I think that this book is a little treasure and you have an excellent chance of seeing this book grow and grow.
Kate Brown Head Teacher- primary School - Cheshire UK,

It is a lovely story and beautifully illustrated.
Olwen O'Neill Principal- Rathdown Junior School -Ireland